PES Group Presentation & Political Priorities

Pes Group members explain the political priorities of our Group. We stand for a better and more progressive Europe. Our Mission: Shape progressive European policies from the local and regional perspective.

Our mission: Make Europe work for its people.

Catiuscia Marini (President of the CoR PES Group & President of the Umbria region, Italy): «Our group brings together Socialists, Social Democrats, Labour an progressive representatives from local and regional authorities across the European Union».

Our Political Priorities

Cristophe Rouillon (Mayor of Coulaines, France): «A Truly Democratic Europe».

Kata Tüttó (Local Councillor, Budapest, Hungary): «An ambitious EU Climate Strategy»

Peter Bossman (Mayor of Piran Slovenia): «Solidarity and social Justice for all»

Barbara Duden (Member of Hamburg city Parliament, Germany): «A More Humane migration Policy»

Olga Zrihen (Member of Wallonia Parliament, Belgium): «Investing in a sustainaible economy»

Catiuscia Marini: «To reach these goals, we need to work together. Regions and cities of Europe, lead by progressive governments, need to work on these objectives to have a europe which is more social, more modern and more inclusive».


Catiuscia Marini: «Per realizzare questi obiettivi, dobbiamo lavorare insieme. Le regioni e le città d’Europa, guidate da governi progressisti, si devono impegnare su questi obiettivi per avere un’Europa più sociale, più moderna e più inclusiva».

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